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Cell Growth Enhancer

Cell Growth Enhancer (CELEH) is designed to enhance cell growth in the mammalian cells. CELEH is a chemically-defined and protein-free cell culture medium supplement designed to provide optimal nutrients to a variety of cell lines. The enhancer is fully formulated to meet high yield and high cell viability requirements through the optimization of cell growth metabolism.
In general, the cell production s
upplied with the enhancer can achieve significantly higher yield, with double or many-folds increases in suspension such as HEK 293 or CHO cells compared to other common media.



  • Convenient to use.

  • Dramatically increase cell growth and viability.  

  • Compatible with most media formulations.

  • Defined protein-free formulations without any animal-derived components.

  • Add serum for maximized cell growth


Cat. No.
Cell Growth Enhancer for suspension cells
250 mL
Cell Growth Enhancer for suspension cells with serum
250 mL
Cell Growth Enhancer for adherent cells
250 mL
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